Thursday, January 28, 2010

Countdown to Hibernation... 5, 4, 3, 2,....

Although it would officially complete my first week of classes this semester, a snow day sounds like a better plan for tomorrow.
Some things I hope to do with my time?
-Repair all broken pieces of clothing and jewelry on my craft table, or as many as may be repaired
-Wrap Josh's birthday present and brainstorm ideas for creative birthday cards and items for other friends
-Finish Frankenstein
- And maybe even an extra project or two...

So much has happened in the past week, both in my life and out in the world. The speed of time rolling along is overwhelming, and my semester promises to be a stressful one. My goal is to keep my eyes on Christ and those around me and carry out each day with love, patience, and care.

On a totally separate note, I just viewed and commented on this photo from The Sartorialist:


Something about this photo of Kanye West really struck me. Apparently it was taken at a Louis Vuitton show in Paris. I can't really put words to it but it is a strangely beautiful image, not particularly aesthetically pleasing to me (perhaps because of what Kanye represents in my mind). The photo seems profound and almost epic, yet not beautiful. In my literature class we have been talking about the difference between the beautiful and the sublime, the sublime being something profound and aweful (awe-inspiring) and beautiful being something that can be more shallowly appreciated. As an example, a pretty flower would be considered beautiful but Mount Everest is somewhat terrifying, brooding, and inspirational, so it could be thought of as sublime.

What category do you think this fits into? Thoughts?

p.s. There are probably a lot more photos I could think of to post onto this question, but most of them fall under the category of sublime for sure, as I associate it with tragic events and such.