Wednesday, February 3, 2010

dreaming of the sky and rollie pollies...

so, amongst all this snow and coldish weather,
i am really craving one of those incredible, unseasonably warm days we are blessed with
every so often in southwest missouri.
this week last year, it was like 60-70 degrees all week,
and i remember wearing a sundress to
Josh and Nick's birthday party on Friday, February 6th.
i drove with my windows down, listening to Rocky Votolato's Makers album
in a sundress.
my favorite sundress: white with buttons, an empire waist, and a subtle hankerchief hemline.
one of my favorite dresses of all time.

what i remember most about the day was the beauty of everything around me:
the weather
the occasion
the people

putting a flattering, pretty and comfortable dress has the ability to transform me into something i strive to be: sweet and delicate, confident and happy.
comfortable in my own skin.

welcome summer, come on in.

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