Monday, March 15, 2010

when the sun is out, i've got something to laugh about

summer, summer, summer.
my body aches for thee.
it's the time of year when i make my summer driving playlists, start buying sundresses and sandals, plan summer fun ideas, and scour wal-mart for the best in pool time toys. beautiful weather is a gift from God, and i for one cannot wait to enjoy it this year.

this looks like the perfect morning to me.

i really want to spend more time around my boyfriend's house this year, especially in the beautiful field, and have many more picnics.

this one is mostly inspiration for simple, really cute outfits to wear during my summer study program in tokyo & kyoto (two months away, woah!)

love & happy thoughts!

1 comment:

  1. Your second one is my favorite!
    Today felt like Summer here...I'm sorry to tell you that, and make you ache more!...but it did.
    I'm surprised it's still technically Winter...well I guess it's almost Spring. But it's so weird how it doesn't feel like it...
    Okay, I will stop talking about it.
    I miss you a lot and wish we could hang out and go shopping together!
    I'm excited for your trip coming up! That is soo soon!